Eric & Sakeisha have overcome the odds both personally and professionally. Both were reared in single parent homes and they decided at the initial  phase of their marriage that divorce was NOT an option. Their marriage was going to succeed where there parents marriages had previously failed. Fueled with a desire for their marriage to win, they embarked upon a 20-plus year journey to ensure that their marriage would  win.

Together they've endeavored to be transparent  in their marriage to help others win in their marriages as well. They offer a no holds barred approach when it comes to love and marriage. 

The institute of marriage is a sacred covenant, not to be entered into lightly and definitely not to be taken for granted. Eric & Sakeisha do not sugar coat the fact that it takes hard work, dedication, compassion, trust, forgiveness, commitment and effective communication between both parties in order for a marriage to be successful.

The transition from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband/wife and mother/father has truly taught them how to stand in the midst of adversity. We have designed E- courses to help Educate, Empower and Encourage a husband and wife to utilize the strategies provided based on our Marriage Can Win Book to help rebuild and/ or strengthen your marriage. We also have books both paperback, digital and audio that will provide the strategies and tools to overcome the great divide click here to shop!


Eric Hylick

Eric is the co-founder - of Covenant Kingdom Builders ministries. Eric is a marriage/relationship strategist, certified life coach and marriage facilitator, CAPP trained under Valorie Burton, author, speaker and co-owner of Marriage Can Win. He holds an MBA degree and he is an ordained minister thru International Seminary and founder of Covenant Kingdom Builders ministries. He has hosted numerous business and ministry conferences in addition to being a guest speaker at STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and ministry conferences throughout the nation. He has a proven track record as an engineer and business executive in the Information Technology field.

Dr. Sakeisha Hylick

is Co-founder of Covenant Kingdom Builders ministries and has been a leader in the Healthcare Arena as a registered pharmacist and has served in the leadership capacity for fortune 500 companies for the past 18 years. Together with her husband she has authored a book entitled, Marriage Can Win, and Dr. Sakeisha is a certified life coach and marriage facilitator, CAPP trained under Valorie Burton. She has hosted conferences and has been a guest speaker at events and radio interviews across the United States. Please email for further details.

Being able is one thing. That creates potential in you, but it doesn’t empower you. The empowerment comes through putting your ability into action.

Relationship Empowerment

We are your relationship and empowerment strategist to help you overcome all your barriers to win with dating and marriage!