Men’s perspective typical starts with finding a woman that captivate your attention and stimulates your mind not just your loins. Men want a woman that they enjoy spending time with and trust sharing their inner thoughts and feelings. Let’s not forget that most obvious aspect of a woman that brings about the pleasing of the eyes and touch and the gratifying sexual wants and needs. I have had the pleasure of experiencing just that for over the last 20+ years with my wife I have realized many things about the marital relationship.

  • First, Marriage is a true covenant to be taken seriously and not to be entered into lightly. Marriage is so much more than the fairy tale wedding bliss. Once that day is over, the reality begins.
  • Second, it is a long term commitment that requires hard work, dedication, effective communication, trust, and forgiveness among many other attributes. It requires the willingness to learn more about your spouse and yourself. You have to invest time, patience and continued education about what it takes to win in a marital relationship.
  • Third it requires stamina and endurance to develop a marriage that can win and withstand the tests and trials along the way that can push you to the very breaking point of giving up. However, you never know how much strength is on the inside of you until you have been tested.
  • Fourth it requires balance and effective prioritization. Marriage is not selfishness but selflessness on both parties even though it may not seem to be an even effort sometimes, but it is during these times that your true level of commitment and dedication to your marriage is demonstrated.
  • Finally, recognize that you are not in this alone. Your spouse is not your enemy even though at times it may feel like world war. Don’t be afraid to seek wise counsel in regards to your marriage. No, not your best friend that is single and can’t spell successful relationship or your mom/dad. Align yourselves with a couple that has demonstrated longevity in their marriage. When we got married, I never knew that we were going to be challenged with things such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, car repossession, loss of employment, emotional infidelity, sexual frustration, isolation, etc. You name it we've experienced it. But through it all we are still standing strong. If our marriage can win, yours can too. My question is how determined are you to help your marriage win?