Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Having a Fulfilling Sex Life


Sexual Fulfillment

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1. Not knowing what God says about sex. The first commandment God gave was to engage in sex (Genesis 1: 27-28.)  God had just created humanity in His image, commanded them to be “fruitful and multiply”, and then commented “it was good” (Genesis 1:31.) 

2.  Talking very little with your spouse about sexuality or your preferences. When couples can share with their spouse about sexuality or their sexual preferences, intimacy is created. An emotional bond results from the intimate level of vulnerability on a conversational level. A great place to start talking about sex is to share what lovemaking means to you emotionally, how frequent you would like to have sex, and even times of the day or specific days.  

3.  Engaging out of obligation, rather than enjoyment Many believe sex was solely intended for procreation, rather than recreation. To the contrary, the poetic references in the Song of Solomon describe lovemaking that is enjoyable and anticipated. Feel free to have some fun with sex with different positions and places.

4    Failure to plan. Many couples, Christians especially, are sexually frustrated. While some of this may be attributed to different sexual appetites, much more is a result of infrequency. Sex is never convenient, but is critical to a vital relationship. Plan for sex like you would any other appointment.

5.   Using sex as a reward or punishment. Sex is often used as a reward for some positive behavior. Or it can be withheld when one spouse is angry with the other. Couples sabotage themselves when their sex life becomes a bartering system.

6.  Unresolved sexual abuse issues. Sexual abuse issues follow spouses into marriage. Victims of sexual abuse may have an aversion to lovemaking, or experience painful reminders of the past.

7.  Pornography. The most significant destructive force to a healthy sex life is pornography. Images are burned into a person’s mind, thereby creating an insatiable thirst for more erotic behavior, or harmful behaviors.

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