Overcome the Question! Why should I stay?

Find out the most common causes of infidelity in a marriage?

Is infidelity the chicken or the egg? Is it caused by a loveless marriage or rather by a marriage partner who is unwilling to commit and work through problems? Here are some of top causes of failed relationships and marriages: 



• Pornography is easy as 123 ABC on the Internet. This leads to unrealistic expectation of sex.

• Emotional affairs start the death spiral to lack of trust and false images of the “Grass is Greener of the Other Side”?

• This is as strong of an addiction as cocaine, drinking and other class 2 narcotics.· The Internet is a major facilitator of infidelity

• It is much easier to find forbidden fruit online than it is in person.



• Boredom can lead to an affair. Many people fall into routines, including tired routines in the bedroom.

• What do you do to keep your marriage fresh? Many divorces could be possibly avoided if people took the time and commitment to communicate verbally and physically and keep things exciting.

• Some people look for excitement to escape boredom. It can be by experimenting with other relationships, porn, sex toys or seeking attention from different people.


Feeling Unappreciated

• Some people fall into having an affair simply because they feel that they are not appreciated at home or that they are “doing all of the work” in keeping a marriage and home together.

• Again, questions to ask are these: Am I appreciative of my spouse? Am I being the “right person” for my spouse?

• If more people harbored a “servant’s” mindset for their spouse, more and more affairs and divorces could be avoided.


Lack of Respect at Home

• Does your spouse treat you well? Do you treat your spouse well in return?

• What if your partner talks to or hangs out with the opposite sex, is this “flirting” or disrespectful behavior.

• In a healthy relationship with strong trust, it’s not disrespectful for partners to talk to or be around other guys/girls/people.

• If your partner doesn’t want you talking or hanging out with someone else because they think it’s “disrespectful” to them, then this needs to be communicated and there should be some agreed on boundaries.

• This is also time to find out the true lack of trust there must have been some cheating going on.