Relationship Empowerment

These days, dating is vastly different from when we were growing up. There is a myriad of things to consider now that was not a part of the picture twenty plus years ago. There’s everything from checklists to deal-breakers.  Dating is no longer seen from the same perspective, we no longer” date”, it’s now hooking up, kicking it, or hanging out? Ultimately the goal should be to have a winning marriage. The institute of marriage is a sacred covenant, not to be entered into lightly and definitely not to be taken for granted. Eric Sakeisha do not sugar coat the fact that it takes hard work, dedication, compassion, trust, forgiveness, commitment and effective communication between both parties in order for a marriage to be successful.

Women’s Guide to Dating & Relationships!


Learn what WE want IN Relationships

Dating and Relationships aren't always easy. Fortunately, there are tools and strategies that you can implement to keep your relationship from falling apart. working order. To most women, ‘love’ is the most significant need they want fulfilled in a man. However, the reality is a that Love is wonderful, but is it always enough ? As women , we are attracted to other characteristics and traits long before love develops.

Strategies to Help You Win in Marriage!

learn strategies and tools to win in marriage

Eric & Dr. Sakeisha help to Educate Empower & Encourage you with the tools necessary to help your marriage win. Together , they conquer what is referred to as “The Great Divide" in marriages, which is Communication, Finances and Sex. Additionally, they assist couples that are in need of Strategies to Help Rebuild Trust, Overcome Infidelity , Bounce Back from Bankruptcy and much , much more.

Men’s Guide to Dating & Relationships!


learn what WE want in ReLATIONSHIPS

Ahhh…the age-old question! What do we really want? Wouldn’t it be great to have the list, heck, “the list” with the answers to what we need as Men. The answers to that question are as varied as the situations that cause the question to be asked in the first place. Women want different things at different times and in different situations. When it comes to dating and relationships with men, however, we do have some common wants.


Overcoming the 7 Barriers to Having a Fulfilling Sex Life

Learn to overcome the 7 barriers to a fun and fulfilling lovemaking for married couples


Before You Say

I Do

Are you sure this is the one? Is this “Till death do us part?” Lets double check before its too late!

Can A Marriage Survive Infidelity?

Yes! It can survive infidelity, If you are serious and willing to put the work in then, Let us help you save your marriage!

Financial Empowerment

Financial empowerment is quite attainable, even if you have started with nothing. The fact is that most people don’t think it can happen to them and hence they stay in the rut.